Italy – Elba


We came to Elba after eight years, when we first visited the island.

Meanwhile, during the time between our trips to Elba, we’ve visited quite a few places inclueding some islands such as Šolta (Croacia) and Malta. Even though we’ve seen a lot, Elba amazed us and we found it really fascinating.

The experience of rediscovering all the places we’ve visited 8 years ago was fantastic. There were a few sea spots which we loved before and found them great this time either, such as ‘Best Beach’ and the black sand beach, which’s name I still can not remember, but yes, it was literally BLACK! According to the topic of beaches, my absolute favorite was the seaside in Chiesi. Such a beautiful area with a few gelateria’s and with the unbelievably aquamarine color of water, warm stones to lie on and relax while sunbathing. Outstanding, what’s more to say. There are also some view terraces, where you can see wonderful landscapes, beautiful mountains, gorgeous sea, deep green forests and stunning red, yellow and purple stones.

Not only was it a sentimental journey, but also a giant blast of visiting such a paradise. This time we’ve spent our vacation on the west side of the island and as it turned out it was even more beautiful than the one we’d already known.

Elba, by local people is called ‘L’Isola dei Colori’ and I can’t disagree, it’s like a drop of rainbow situated on the globe. Plum and lavender colred stones, blue: from deep dark blue to very light turquise tone of sea water, green trees and mint seledine stone which is a fundament of a few mountains, yellow, what to say, sand: from white through yellow and ohra to this previously mentioned black, then orange, red and even pink, colors of all the gorgeous flowers, for instance my favorite bouganvilla and oleander.

All in one word – the actual island of color.

Italy – on my way

Italy - on my way

On the way to Elba, which was pretty long (about 1500 kilometers), we’ve visited a few cities in Italy.

When we were going to Elba, we visited Florence, which was just as beautiful as I remembered it from the last years’ trip which took place in september/october. Also we stopped off in Siena. I have never been there before and I was so surprised that it actually looks like a cinnamon city with the only one white building – the cathedral. The area I liked the most in Siena, was the old town if I can call it this way. It is basically the part of the city where the oldest buildings are.

When we were staying in Siena, if were 2 nights I suppose, we lived in a beautiful B&B guest house named ‘Villa Veronica’. Wonderful place, I’m telling you. The house was situate nearby the main part of the city. The room we got was really pretty with terracse-door, with which we could go out directly from our bedroom to the beautiful garden. There was a nice place to sit and have a cuppa’ coffee, a table with a few garden-armchairs. Then, if you keep walking through the garden space, you’ll find a swimming pool with clear, warm water and a bunch of deckchairs perfect to sunbathe on them. What’s amazing , while relaxing in a pool you’ll be able to see fields and meadows of the tuscanian Italy. Stunning view.

Breakfasts were served in a porche, actually on the veranda there was a buffet and the tables were on a terrace. For breakfast, as the Italians eat, you could have a piece of delicious cake, Mulino Bianco biscuit, some orange juice, but also something salty like for instance a slice of a good quality bread with prosciutto crudo and cream cheese. To drink you could have a cup of tea or great coffee served by the host, who is so kind by the way.

So basically, what’s not to love

From Siena we went directly to Elba, and after a week and a half spent on the island we started our way back to our home in Poland. We had only one big stop and a few gus station ones in Italy, then we stayed in a hotel in Austria and then we got to go to Poland. The big two-hour-lasting stop I mentioned before was in Pisa. I’ve seen the famous tower of Pisa for the very first time and I quite enjoyed our little walk there in the city. We had some delicious gelato, meant ice cream, and we strolled a little around the well known buildings, which were close to the tower .

I am so happy I had opportunity to see so much on the way to the gorgeus island of Elba. All these stops made our route a bit more interesting, hahaha. I hope you’ll like the pictures I took during our trip. Here, I attach photographs from the way to and from Elba. Stay tuned for the next dose of photos made in Italy, next time: Elba!


Three days of long beach walks, calm atmosphere and endless relaxation

Right before the vacay season, I went to the Polish seaside. With my family, we stayed in Jastrzębia Góra in a beautiful guest house. It was some kind of a luxary and elegant place, but in the same time it was really warm and very home-like People working there were so kind and so caring that I wanted to shout it out loud and recommend this place to all the travellers from around the world!
The house is called Villa Victor and it’s pretty gorgeuos. Every day, as we wrere there, my grandma, my mom and I, had this amazing routine, which was pretty much like this:
We woke up around 8 o’clock, oh okay, maybe I did get up like half an hour earlier, then, when we were all ready and dressed up, we went to the restaurant downstairs to enjoy the breakfast in this stunning room with a very beautiful sea view. Also there was a very pretty tarace, but as it was this time of the year, it was a bit chilly in the morning, mostly because of the sea breeze.
Then, we would go for a few hour long walk through the beach. That’s the thing which is pretty amazing in Poland, that the beaches are so wide, so beautifully sandy and that they are so long you can walk and walk for hours and there are still many kilometers of the wonderful seaside to walk forward.
Our trip was such a great experience which let all the stress we absorbed during the school/work year go away and when we came back we were all relaxed and full of the interior calmness.

Morning Inspiration: summer edition

Chia Seed Parfait

Chia is known as one of the superfoods, because it contains so many valuable macros. A standard 2 tbsp (24 g) serving of chia seeds contains:

  • calories: 117,
  • protein: 4g,
  • fat: 7.4g,
  • fiber: 8.3g.

It contains all eight essential amino acids and a host of trace minerals and micronutrients. To put it in easy comparative terms, each 2 tbsp serving of chia offers:

  •     Five times the omega-3 content of a 1/4-cup serving of walnuts;
  •     Twice the iron and magnesium of a cup of spinach;
  •     As much calcium as a half-cup of milk;
  •     As much potassium as a third of a banana;
  •     More than twice the fiber of a cup of oatmeal. says.

To make chia tasty and soften it a little, soak it in coconut milk in the evening and leave it overnight. It will be thick like yogurt and it will taste really good.  To make my breakfast parfait I made mango pure and inserted it into a veck jar, then covered it with my coconut chia mixture and to finish it up, I put some strawberries and kiwi pieces on top.
It made me full for so many hours and it was so good!
It can be all prepared the night before as a to-go snack or as a breakfast in a hurry.

Morning Inspiration: summer edition

Summer Blueberry Smoothie

Great for a hot, sunny morning. Really, I mean r e a l l y easy and r e a l l y delicious breakfast idea.
To make this beautiful and tasty smoothie, you’ll have to take some pre-frozen blueberries (they’ll taste much better if you freeze them by your own than if you buy them frozen at the grocery store) and blend them with oat milk. It will be quite nutritious and very very good!

Beauty of Malta

Beauty of Malta

Malta, a mediterranean Island and a country itself. Culture seems to be a mix of Italian, Arabic and British influence. My first culture shock was the language. The Maltese can speak Maltese, Italian and English. While talking to each other they usually use all three dialects and they create a cocktail language. Malta is really exotic. Not like a village in tropical forest, exotic by the different, specific way, but still. Visiting this country is an amazing expirience. Totally unforgettable. My morning routine during the trip was one of the best things in my life. My mom and I woke up about 8 o’clock. We got ready in an hour. Next move was a walk to the beach. Although, beach was propably so much different from the one you imagine. It was a rocky beach. Huge stones, with which the island is made of, forming a surface, which was a great place to delight in the sea and apriciate the Sun. After that, we normally went to the nearby cafe bar “Bocci Klabb” where there was also a Bocci Game Club (as the name of the place says). Then, the Baker’s, local pastry store, Donut Factory for a little sweetness in the morning, Green Grocer’s and finally our apartment. There, all family had a relish of tasting local pastries, and fruit. While eating brunch, we were deciding what to do later, if we want to go sunbathing and swimming, have a walk and get some natural and delicious ice cream or to enjoy the day by doing other summer activities. In the evening, several times we went to the city (we lived in a small village). The city of Mdina, the previous capital or the current one – La Valletta. During our vacation we have visited some stunning places, like Mediterranean Aquarium, Dolphin Park, where I have literally been swimming with the dolphins (such an amazing expirience), some beauty spots with beautiful sea views, caves, which we crossed by boat, gorgeus cliffs and more. I absolutely loved our maltese travel, all the places we’ve seen and all the landscapes we’ve crossed. Malta has just stolen a tiny piece of my heart.




All of us, Coffee Lovers, would drink such a cold, sweet, coffee dessert with pleasure during these long hot days. To assume control of what’s hidden on the inside, I’ve decided to create my own frappe drink at home (I’m sure it’ll be a little healthier then the one ordered in a popular coffee shop).

  • two or three esspresso shots (depends on how strong your frappe you’d like to be)
  • whatever milk you’d like (I’m using a coconut one, it’s fantastic because it adds a bit of a beach flavour by the coconut aroma)
  • ice cubes
  • one scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • cane sugar, if you’d like your frappuccino to be a little sweeter
  • homemade whipped cream
  • sprinkles, jamies, chocolate chips, desiccated coconut or any other thing to scatter the frappuccino over the whipped cream

Start from brewing espresso shots. If you would like to sweeten your coffee drink, it’s the best, to do it right now, when shots are still warm.
Fill your blender with ice and crumble unill it’s very fine.  Add espresso shots and milk. Blend it all together. Add vanilla extract and mix again.
Now, pour the drink into your fancy frappe glass. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the glass. Create a topping with whipped cream and decorate with your sprinkles and chocolate chips.
Put a straw into the glass and voila! Enjoy your delicious coffee drink!

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Maison Jar Summer Lemonade


Maison Jar Summer Lemonade


  • ice cubes
  • sparkling carbonated water
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • freshly squeezed lime juice
  • maple sirup (1 tbsp or to taste)
  • fresh mint leaves
  • fresh fruit to decorate and to make the drink look fancier 🙂

Fill a jar or a glass with ice cubes. Add lemon and lime juice. Pour water over ice and juices. Sweeten with maple sirup (or cane sugar). Add mint leaves. You can put some lemon and lime pieces into the mixture to make it look pretty. Enjoy!

My jar is from DUKA (link below), but you can buy that kind of jar in many stores with kitchen equipment.

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Homemade Iced Tea

All the iced teas together

So yummy and so easy to make! Great for a baking heat of summer days! What is it? Homemamde iced tea!
All you will need is your favourite tea essense, any sweetener you like (you can also prepare an unsweetened version of the drink) and ice cubes. It is also good to add some matching seasonal fruits or mint leaves to make the taste more sophisticated.
In here, I’ve made a few different kinds of iced tea:

  • Hibiscus  unsweetened iced tea with fresh mint leaves
  • Green tea with pickled pear flavouring sweetened with classic white sugar and decorated with red currant
  • White tea sweetened with cane sugar, decorated with blueberries
  • Classic black tea with honey and lemon

Have fun with experimenting with different kinds of tea and addings. Enjoy your drinks!

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