Let’s begin from saying that I love Italy. I love italian language, Italian people, Italian coffee and of course Italian food.
We went on a Italy Tour and we’ve visited many places around northern Italy.
Starting from Venice, living on Lido di Jesolo we moved to Cinque Terre and  Genua, then we stayed in Milan. After that we went to Verona an Florence. Finally, on the way home we stopped in Bologna for a while.

I found Venice as a wonderful, mystic place. I’ve beed there once before and I need to say that it looks exactly how I remembered it. It’s an old city, full of narrow streets, bridges and beautiful nooks. Romantic alleys and cul-de-sac’s. I am totally in love with this place.
My friends and I had great time strolling through the heart of Venice. However we’ve visited plenty of landmarks, we took some time just to taste the city. We went for long walks with fresh cappuccini and croissants in hand.
Venice left us a feeling that we have to come back to spend another Italian vacation there, to feel the atmosphere of the city one more time.

Milan, absolute love of my life. Big modern city, where you can easily notice that it’s a city of fashion, design and architecture.
The city definitely showed off it’s beauty. As we spent a day walking through wide well designed streets and gorgeous pedestrian zone full of coffee shops and designer clothing stores. To crown our day we went to see Milan from the top of the cathedral. We went on a roof and admired the view, which was really impressive.
After the day in Milan I must admit that I have absolutely fallen in love with the city. And what’s more, I’ve started considering connecting my future life to this city.

City of renaissance. Artists’ and art lovers’ favorite. The city is really pretty, as you walk down the streets of Florence you can feel history of the place. There are some great museums to visit such as Uffizi museum and Galeria dell’Academia, where we can see masterpieces of Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and many others.

To sum up, I’d like to say that I love Italy to the moon and back and possibility to visit all these wonderful places was something very special to me. During our travel I had innumerable situations as I came across random acts of kindness, which were for instance a question, asked whenever I ordered a coffee, if I’d like some cinnamon and cacao in it. These melted my heart and with my love to this country I need to say that I could spend my whole life right there, in the country of Italy.

Bath & Body Works

To make fall smell better and feel even more cozy I like to make myself a home spa salon.
One of my favourite bathing and body care cosmetic products are Bath & Body Works. I’d love to share with you some of my loved, recently bought goods such as Velvet Sugar or Twilight Woods bubble bath. After trying lots of their smells I think these are my fave. I bought bag size Dark Kiss body mist, which I absolutely love! Moving to the product without which I can’t stand a day, I’d like to present PocketPac Sanitizers, which have beautiful smells. My favourite one is Vanilla Warm Sugar.

Taking long baths with bubbles, sensing wonderful aromas and lightening candles placed around the bathroom are one of the things in a whole world. 🌸

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples
I’ve always been willing to try making Caramel Apples at home. I was looking for a recipe which would let me prepare them by my own. On pinterest I found a wonderful recipe I’d love to share with you:
The recipe is so easy and very tasty especially when you sprinkle your caramel apples with cracked nuts, desiccated coconut and almond flakes. To make them even better I slightly sprinkled my apples with crushed white chocolate pieces, leibniz tea biscuit and big cashew nut pieces. They are unbelievably delicious, they look super fancy and they’re great for a party, friends meeting, also perfect for a lazy fall evening at home :))



Whenever Autumn arrives we make some decorations. Every year we get some pumpkins, as plenty of the crowd do, but we are not that ordinary. We look for smaller pumpkins to collect a few of them. Ussually we buy them in many different tones of orange and many different shapes to form a pretty decor on a table or a cupboard. I find them lovely as they’re “imperfect”. They make me feel Fall even more… Other cold weather flavours are kinda connected to them. Such as cake or muffins smell, where to make the dough we’ve used pumpkin puree. At my home you can always feel like there’s a cake in then oven, so I you guess so, you’ll propably be right!
Instead of complaining about grey days and rainy weather I would prefer to enjoy spending warm and cozy time at home, baking pumpkin, carrot and zucchini pastries, drinkimg hot green tea and spending lazy evenings covered by a blanket and watching romantic movies with friends. I am so joyful as it comes to feel the smell of cinnamon and cacao around the house.
Let’s face it, Fall is not that bad. I love it.



One of my Fall delights: heather.
Next to the dinning table, where I have all of my breakfasts, we have flowerpots hanged to the side. Heather is grown there and to be honest, looking at these lovely plants literally make my days.
Violet, purple, light pink, pastel rose, tones of white and cream.. all of these compose the color of heather. Forreal.. it’s the way too perfect, when I wake up, I come to the living room an I see sunrise (imagine the magic of sky during dawn) an our heather lightened by the morning golden sun reys.
That’s basically one of the reasons why I love mornings so much.

Hot Chocolate with Marshies

Hot Chocolate with Marshies

Hot Chocolate

What’s better to warm up and to get a little sweetness then Hot Chocolate is?! Supposedly nothing.
That’s why I think everyone should be able to make a perfect cuppa chocolate. Enjoy the recipe!

You’ll need:
• 2 tsp  cacao powder
• cup of whatever milk you like (my absolute favourite is thin coconut milk, as you warm it up the smell is incredible!)
• 1-2 tsp cane sugar (it’s okay to use regular white as well)
• 2 pieces of dark chocolate
• mini marshmallows

Firstly you’ll need to warm the milk up. As it’s hot, add cacao by little drops (not all at once) to avoid clods.
Stir untill all drink has the same regular color. Add sugar and mix till dissolved. I recommend to put the chocolate to a microwave for a few seconds to remake it hot, because it could loose it’s warmth, when we were adding cacao and sugar. Serve with pieces of chocolate inside the cup. Owing to the heat of liquid the chocolate will melt. Cover your cup od deliciousness with mini marshies. They’ll melt a bit as well.
Voila! The perfect cup of Hot Chocolate is ready! Enjoy!