Morning Inspiration: spring edition

Today’s inspiration reminds me of one of my favourite places on earth, Paris. It’s a wonderful city, where, according to our topic: ‘breakfast’, you can have great coffee and delicious pastries. At the moment, I have my little France on the table: breakfast à la française.
Fresh baked croissant, homemade raspberry and rosemary jam and a few cashew nuts, délicieux.
Have a nice day and enjoy your breakfast!



Paris  September/October 2014

Paris, the ciy of poetry, the city of art, the city of love.. We all can agree that Paris is a magical place, where every day dreamer will find a place for himself. I found Paris as a lovely place which definitely received a place in my heart. Paris is literally one of my favourite places on Earth. The city is really big, and so varied. You can find places like Champs Elysees or Luxembourg Gardens, which are really well-kept and royal standard pretty, but also the ones where less wealthy citizens live, with eclectic grocery stores and flea markets, where there is a little messy, liveful atmosphere. I guess that everybody can find just a right, perfect place for the one, where he can feel great. My best-loved part is the Latin District. Tiny local-speciality stores, exceptional amount of book shops, cafes with delicious coffee served, flower shops where there are tons of flower bouquets, potted plants, little trees and more greens exposed out of the store, covering the side walk, smelling fantastic. When you walk down a street, heaps of senses reach your mind. Ideal, feeling of pleasure. By the first time I was in Paris, I’ve fallen in love, absolutely adored and apriciated it. As it was my first time there, Paris has nested in my heart. Whenever I think about Paris, I am full of warmth and nice memories. Whenever there’s be any occasionto visit Paris, I would go there whithout even a word of doubt. I just cherish Paris so much and I will always love this city.



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