Christmas Haul

It is quite obvious the Christmas season is on the go and that the moment of giving the presents gets closer and closer. On account of that, we are all starting searching for some wonderful ideas and looking for beautiful gifts for our friends and families. A few weeks ago there was such a crazy weekend of insanely active shopping – it was the BLACK FRIDAY – CYBER MONDAY weekend. Of course, as the majority of us, I went shopping too. I did that with one of my best friends and we had a blast! As we’ve spent the whole day on running from one store to another we did some good shopping! After that day I was almost done with my Christmas shopping, for real, there are hardly any presents letf to be bought this year! As some members of my stunning fam keeps reading my blog I cannot share most of the gifts I bought, but of course I can share some – I decided to upload the pictures of BATH AND BODY WORKS, THE BODY SHOP and MONIN products I bought. I thought it would  be interesting for you and I hope you’ll find my photographs pleasant to eye.
Did my best to share the CHRISTMAS MOOD, which is more then present in my heart at the moment.

Wonderful Christmas Time

Christmas is such a beautiful celebration. For me, December the 25th and 26th are days of loving and caring. Christmas time makes a great opportunity to arrange family meetings and to chill out with friends. Christmas is time of giving and sharing, it makes it so wonderful. As in my family, we love to give, also we receive a lot from our relatives. I thought it would be a good idea to say a big thank you to my fam and friends for the nice time we’ve spent together and for all the gifts I got this Christmas. I decided to take pictures of some presents my dear Santas gave me. I loved the gifts so so much, and I hope, you all loved yours. As I am the lover of lazy morningd and cozy nights Christmas time is the thing I love the most in winter.

Lazy day

Lazy Day

Wake up with no alarm clock. Let the smell of coffee and fresh baked muffins get you out of bed.
Go on with your morning routine, but with no rush at all. Dress up comfortably, put on your home wear or just stay in your PJ. Moving to make up, stay natural. If you can’t stand a day with no cosmetics put on your face, make just a little touch of mascara or lipgloss. You have to feel comfortable!
Take your time and enjoy your morning cup of tea or coffee. Prepare breakfast for you, your family or friends who spend the lazy day with you. Have fun making your meals, try fancy recipes which you usually don’t have time to make in the workaday rhythm.
Take blankets and pillows and read a book, watch a movie or just listen to music while sitting on a coach or in bed.
Try meditation, it’s so relaxing and it has influence over your life. Find out which part of the day works best for you. Personally, I love mornings, morning meditation is literally the greatest thing which can happen to my day.
During the day you can take a nap or just daydream while lying in bed, lightening candles and burning a joss stick.
Write a poem, draw, paint, sing, bake, do things you love. Isn’t it often like you love doing something or you have a hobby, but you have totally no time to do it?
A lazy day is the answer. As I said before, take your time and do what you really like.
After a lazy day, just before going to bed, listen to your favourite music. It’ll calm you down and make it easier to fall asleep.

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry Tea

Craving for a hot drink full of delicious sweetness?
Try out my favourite winter recipe!

Choose good quality raspberry tea (if possible, take one with no black tea inside, just fruits and flowers).
Then add pre made raspberry honey, made by putting honey and fresh raspberries into a jar. To make it flavored let it stay for a few days, then reverse the jar upside down and after a few days do the same and turn it upside up 🙂
While adding raspberry honey sirup into your cup do not skip these whole fruits, it adds some extra flavor and makes it look really cute.
That’s basically it!

This raspberry tea is one of my absolute favorite things to drink in winter, also during Christmas time.