Homemade Iced Tea

All the iced teas together

So yummy and so easy to make! Great for a baking heat of summer days! What is it? Homemamde iced tea!
All you will need is your favourite tea essense, any sweetener you like (you can also prepare an unsweetened version of the drink) and ice cubes. It is also good to add some matching seasonal fruits or mint leaves to make the taste more sophisticated.
In here, I’ve made a few different kinds of iced tea:

  • Hibiscus  unsweetened iced tea with fresh mint leaves
  • Green tea with pickled pear flavouring sweetened with classic white sugar and decorated with red currant
  • White tea sweetened with cane sugar, decorated with blueberries
  • Classic black tea with honey and lemon

Have fun with experimenting with different kinds of tea and addings. Enjoy your drinks!

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