Detail of a landmark

My friends and I went to Berlin to get out of everyday clamour. Obviously, we’ve been to some famous museums and we have seen the world-renowned landmarks. We’ve visited places as Berlin Wall Memorial or Jewish Museum, but the most of our trip was basesd on our needs, temptations and willingness. As the trip was in December, you can easly guess that we’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on christmas shopping! Also, because it was winter and it was really cold outside, we just had to shelter from the chill in a cafe, get some coffee, hot chocolate or tea. One of our preferred spots was Dunkin’ Donuts. We’ve come there every single day, as for lunch, dessert or evening snack. We have also tried some specialities form the Berlin Christmas Market like holiday treats, sweets, candies and partries. The trip was so successful and I undoubtedly loved it! Just to sum up, I’ll tell you that a trip to the modern city was so nice and if I had to describe it just in three words, it would be Christmas, shopping and donuts.


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