Christmas Haul

It is quite obvious the Christmas season is on the go and that the moment of giving the presents gets closer and closer. On account of that, we are all starting searching for some wonderful ideas and looking for beautiful gifts for our friends and families. A few weeks ago there was such a crazy weekend of insanely active shopping – it was the BLACK FRIDAY – CYBER MONDAY weekend. Of course, as the majority of us, I went shopping too. I did that with one of my best friends and we had a blast! As we’ve spent the whole day on running from one store to another we did some good shopping! After that day I was almost done with my Christmas shopping, for real, there are hardly any presents letf to be bought this year! As some members of my stunning fam keeps reading my blog I cannot share most of the gifts I bought, but of course I can share some – I decided to upload the pictures of BATH AND BODY WORKS, THE BODY SHOP and MONIN products I bought. I thought it would  be interesting for you and I hope you’ll find my photographs pleasant to eye.
Did my best to share the CHRISTMAS MOOD, which is more then present in my heart at the moment.

Morning Inspiration: summer edition

Italian Style French Toast

Remember last week’s panettone brunch post? Today little hint of what you can do with the leftovers (if there are any haha). Delicious french toasts made of panettone slices instead of the bread slices is definitely something you will fall in love with!
All you have to do is to take the panettone pieces, spread them with slightly beaten egg and coat them with sugar. Then, fry on a normal size pan, add some seasonfruit and voila!

Regional products of Alto Adige

• Bread called “breatl” is a whole grain bread with a very special mix of herbs. It’s usually made of spelt flour. Aroma of anise, cumin, wonderful texture and fantastic taste make this one so good.
• Mountain Cheese , Bergkäse, produced in a few month process, which make cheese aromatic and perfectly soft and spicy. The farmers specialize is various sorts and kinds of cheese. They are focused on the quality of their products, so you know, it really makes a difference compared to the regular stuff which you can find in shops. Some of them are available in grocery stores, so they are really easy to get.
• Marmalades and jams, which are made from the locally grown fruits.
• Honey made of flowers, which is pretty fascinating, because it’s actually made out of bees. The flowers, sow thistles, are collected and boiled in sugared water. It’s just amazing how it’s made.
In Tyrol, there is quite an organization which takes care of the quality of regional products, services performed and of condition of animals, crops and buildings. It’s called Gallo Rosso, which basically means ‘Red Rooster’. I think it’s a great idea and that the organization does really good job. Regarding the guest houses, where you can stay, have a wonderful breakfast and taste some local specialties, these are marked with flowers (one to five) just like hotels are with the stars. The flowers are given by previously mentioned organization Gallo Rosso. There are some high conditions and requirements that the farmers and hosts have to correspond with. All the Gallo Rosso members need to conform to some demanding standards.

South Tyrol – Alto Adige – Südtirol

Starting from what the aim of our trip was, we went there, to South Tyrol, to see the countryside of north Italy. We’ve visited some beautiful farms and talked to farmers. We got known about dairy production, bread baking and of course about apple and grape industry. We were told how wine, marmalades, pastries and cheese are made. Living in a rustic village was such an amazing experience and I’m going to tell you some more about it.
Visiting this part of Italy was really interesting, but actually it didn’t look typical for this country. That region is an autonomy, which used to be a part of Austria That’s the reason why the main language there was German. Most of people there have known Italian as the second language.
Local specialities such as anice bread ,breatl; cheese of mountains, bergkäse, marmalades and jams, honey made of flowers are so delicious. Also local cusine, quite similar to the austrian one is also quite good. In my opinion there is too little vegetables in the local one, but I think it’s mostly because lots Italians come there to taste this kind of cooking. On of my favourite dishes were ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese, so mouth watering, delicious.
I think Südtirol is great for all kinds of artists, because visiting this wonderful village makes a very special opportunity to make some great pictures, the region is so pretty I’m telling you, to paint or draw, to write some romantic poems or to compose music while observing the calmness of nature.
Whole trip was so inspiring, we had so much fun visiting the farms, we’ve relaxed surrounded by stunning mountains and we’ve tried some delicious regional specialties. I think Alto Adige is such a wonderful place to visit and to get rest and actually to choose as a vacation destination.