April Celebrations

status: festive, exited, delighted
Let me introduce you to what is happening now in our place. April, for our family, is a very special month, because of a bunch of different anniversaries, birthdays, namedays etc. I thought I it would be a good idea to share with you some pictures from our family party, which was such a lovely meeting.
As a word of invitation, cakies :), flowers and so on.. enjoy!

Easter, Easter and Easter..

Easter.. for me, it’s  like a celebration of spring. Time when you can have a great weekend with family. You can find some spare time much easier than during the usual work week.
During my spring break I went for a walk a few times and I enjoyed relaxing at home and tasting delicious foods we’ve made.
Here, I’d like to share with you some of my Easter favorites.
My family and I stayed at home this year, we usually do so. As you can see, the thing I liked the most was baking together and having so much fun while preparing and decorating our Easter specialities.
I hope your Easter weekend was so wonderful too!